Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Vintage 1960's Pinteam vintage usa, Dazzling BLUE Rhinestones and AURORA Borealisteam vintage usa, STATEMENT Piece Brooch



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On thquality vintagee largquality vintagee sidquality vintagee mquality vintagee asuring about 3 3/4" long x just undquality vintagee r 2" widquality vintagee , this hquality vintagee avy vintagquality vintagee rhinquality vintagee stonquality vintagee brooch is a rquality vintagee al bquality vintagee auty! Madquality vintagee in thquality vintagee 1960's, it boasts gorgquality vintagee ous bluquality vintagee rhinquality vintagee stonquality vintagee s in 3 shadquality vintagee s (smokquality vintagee y bluquality vintagee , royal and aqua) and bluquality vintagee huquality vintagee d Aurora Borquality vintagee alis crystal stonquality vintagee s that arquality vintagee all bquality vintagee autifully prong squality vintagee t in silvquality vintagee rtonquality vintagee mquality vintagee tal. A wondquality vintagee rful pin that can bquality vintagee worn on a coat lapquality vintagee l or thquality vintagee cquality vintagee ntquality vintagee r of a daring nquality vintagee cklinquality vintagee . Would makquality vintagee a grquality vintagee at nquality vintagee cklacquality vintagee if attachquality vintagee d onto a vintagquality vintagee rhinquality vintagee stonquality vintagee nquality vintagee cklacquality vintagee ! This piquality vintagee cquality vintagee in in good shapquality vintagee . Upon 10X magnification inspquality vintagee ction, I found 2 stonquality vintagee points that arquality vintagee chippquality vintagee d. If you zoom on thquality vintagee first pic, you will squality vintagee quality vintagee thquality vintagee top point of thquality vintagee smokquality vintagee y bluquality vintagee tquality vintagee ardrop stonquality vintagee on thquality vintagee lquality vintagee ft that has a chip. Thquality vintagee othquality vintagee r onquality vintagee is thquality vintagee bottom royal bluquality vintagee marquisquality vintagee stonquality vintagee at thquality vintagee lquality vintagee ft point, still thquality vintagee display is fabulous! Thquality vintagee clasp works grquality vintagee at. Condition was factorquality vintagee d in whquality vintagee n pricing. I had this for $75 in my shop bquality vintagee forquality vintagee I noticquality vintagee d thquality vintagee chips.

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