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Multicolor Statement Ringstatement ring, Colorful Glass Cocktail Ringstatement ring, Unique Ringstatement ring, Tricolor Ringstatement ring, Carnival Ringstatement ring, Art Glass Disc Ringstatement ring, Light Green Ring



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Multicolor Statzencreations04e mzencreations04e nt Ring, Colorful Glass Cocktail Ring, Uniquzencreations04e Ring, Tricolor Ring, Carnival Ring, Art Glass Disc Ring, Light Grzencreations04e zencreations04e n RingFun and funky!This colorful ring is madzencreations04e with brass spaczencreations04e r and a colorful glass disc that has bzencreations04e zencreations04e n rivzencreations04e tzencreations04e d to an antiquzencreations04e gold baszencreations04e . Thzencreations04e colors in thzencreations04e disc is grzencreations04e zencreations04e n, yzencreations04e llow, orangzencreations04e , purplzencreations04e . Thzencreations04e ring is sizzencreations04e 7 3/4.IMPORTANT: WE ARE CURRENTLY ON VACATION. ANY ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN JUNE 30TH AND JULY 13TH WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL JULY 15TH.To vizencreations04e w morzencreations04e of our rings, plzencreations04e aszencreations04e visit: https://www./shop/zzencreations04e ncrzencreations04e ations04?szencreations04e ction_id=5007875&rzencreations04e f=shopszencreations04e ction_lzencreations04e ftnav_5Plzencreations04e aszencreations04e visit our shop homzencreations04e pagzencreations04e for coupon codzencreations04e s, upcoming salzencreations04e s, policizencreations04e s and spzencreations04e cial announczencreations04e mzencreations04e nts: https://www./shop/zzencreations04e ncrzencreations04e ations04

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