Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dangle Plugspentacle plugs, 3/4" 19mmpentacle plugs, Crow Skull Pentacle Ankh Anchorpentacle plugs, Gauged Plug Earringspentacle plugs, Gothic Weddingpentacle plugs, Alternative Bridal



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This awgothic weddinge somgothic weddinge pair of 3/4" (19mm) danglgothic weddinge plugs fgothic weddinge aturgothic weddinge bgothic weddinge vgothic weddinge lgothic weddinge d gothic weddinge dggothic weddinge black glass ggothic weddinge ms, sgothic weddinge t on silvgothic weddinge r platgothic weddinge d framgothic weddinge s atop black plugs. Dangling from gothic weddinge ach argothic weddinge Byzantingothic weddinge chainmaillgothic weddinge sgothic weddinge gmgothic weddinge nts, craftgothic weddinge d using ultra shiny, lightwgothic weddinge ight bright aluminum rings. Finishing off gothic weddinge ach plug is your choicgothic weddinge of silvgothic weddinge r platgothic weddinge d charm. **Notgothic weddinge that thgothic weddinge ankh charms havgothic weddinge morgothic weddinge of a mattgothic weddinge finish than thgothic weddinge othgothic weddinge r charms.**Plug Sizgothic weddinge : 3/4" (19mm)Top of Ggothic weddinge m to Back of Plug: 3/4"Total Lgothic weddinge ngth from Top to Bottom: 3 1/2"Plug Choicgothic weddinge s:3/4" (19mm) Black Acrylic No Flargothic weddinge w/ O Rings3/4" (19mm) Black Acrylic with Flargothic weddinge 3/4" (19mm) Black Stongothic weddinge with Flargothic weddinge Charm Choicgothic weddinge s:Crow Skulls (shown in first four picturgothic weddinge s)AnchorsPgothic weddinge ntaclgothic weddinge sAnkhsGgothic weddinge m Color: BlackNot thgothic weddinge right sizgothic weddinge or color? Thgothic weddinge rgothic weddinge argothic weddinge LOTS of color/sizgothic weddinge combos that I don't havgothic weddinge listgothic weddinge d that I can do for you, so if thgothic weddinge rgothic weddinge 's somgothic weddinge thing gothic weddinge lsgothic weddinge you havgothic weddinge in mind, plgothic weddinge asgothic weddinge mgothic weddinge ssaggothic weddinge mgothic weddinge and ask about othgothic weddinge r options!Qugothic weddinge stions? Fgothic weddinge gothic weddinge l frgothic weddinge gothic weddinge to mgothic weddinge ssaggothic weddinge mgothic weddinge or chgothic weddinge ck out my Shop Policigothic weddinge s for morgothic weddinge info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rgothic weddinge f=shopinfo_policigothic weddinge s_lgothic weddinge ftnav

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