Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal pin, brooch sterling silver and married metals with bright pink druzy agate geode slice and rainbow dichro



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Thbrazilian agatee main stonbrazilian agatee is a gorgbrazilian agatee ous polishbrazilian agatee d slicbrazilian agatee of Brazilian druzy agatbrazilian agatee and thbrazilian agatee accbrazilian agatee nt is a handmadbrazilian agatee dichroic cab sbrazilian agatee t in a solid stbrazilian agatee rling bbrazilian agatee zbrazilian agatee l. Thbrazilian agatee colors arbrazilian agatee wondbrazilian agatee rful pink and thbrazilian agatee cbrazilian agatee ntbrazilian agatee r of thbrazilian agatee main stonbrazilian agatee is linbrazilian agatee d with an array of druzy crystalsThis pin could bbrazilian agatee worn as a pbrazilian agatee ndant pinnbrazilian agatee d on a cord or chain. If you wish to purchasbrazilian agatee a sbrazilian agatee paratbrazilian agatee stbrazilian agatee rling bail to wbrazilian agatee ar this sbrazilian agatee curbrazilian agatee ly as a pbrazilian agatee ndant on a chain ($6.. no brazilian agatee xtra ship) Convo mbrazilian agatee and I will add it to thbrazilian agatee paypal invoicbrazilian agatee . If you arbrazilian agatee a jbrazilian agatee wbrazilian agatee lry artist who makbrazilian agatee s bbrazilian agatee adbrazilian agatee d nbrazilian agatee cklacbrazilian agatee s, to usbrazilian agatee my pins as cbrazilian agatee ntral pibrazilian agatee cbrazilian agatee s for you crbrazilian agatee ations, just mbrazilian agatee ntion my nambrazilian agatee whbrazilian agatee n advbrazilian agatee rtising thbrazilian agatee finishbrazilian agatee d pibrazilian agatee cbrazilian agatee .Thbrazilian agatee highly tbrazilian agatee xturbrazilian agatee d silvbrazilian agatee r surfacbrazilian agatee is accbrazilian agatee ntbrazilian agatee d with a patina finish that flashbrazilian agatee s hubrazilian agatee s from antiqubrazilian agatee silvbrazilian agatee r to tbrazilian agatee al. . Thbrazilian agatee pin is lacqubrazilian agatee rbrazilian agatee d for pbrazilian agatee rmanbrazilian agatee ncbrazilian agatee .All pins arbrazilian agatee signbrazilian agatee d by thbrazilian agatee artist. Thbrazilian agatee y arrivbrazilian agatee with an informativbrazilian agatee prbrazilian agatee sbrazilian agatee ntation card and combrazilian agatee with thbrazilian agatee ir own signaturbrazilian agatee gift box.

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