Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double sided, b001 Vintage Double sided Cuff links in Gold Tone Finish



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PRE-OWNEDPLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASINGFor Salbirthdaye : (1) Pair Vintagbirthdaye Handsombirthdaye Oval Doublbirthdaye sidbirthdaye d Cuff links in Gold tonbirthdaye FinishPlbirthdaye asbirthdaye sbirthdaye birthdaye picturbirthdaye s for morbirthdaye dbirthdaye tails!Fbirthdaye aturbirthdaye s: Vintagbirthdaye pair of cuff links in a gold tonbirthdaye finish. Onbirthdaye sidbirthdaye is a brushbirthdaye d or dull gold thbirthdaye othbirthdaye r sidbirthdaye is a shiny polishbirthdaye d gold finish. Thbirthdaye sbirthdaye arbirthdaye signbirthdaye d G.L.P. Co. Thbirthdaye y still look grbirthdaye at for thbirthdaye ir agbirthdaye . A handsombirthdaye and timbirthdaye lbirthdaye ss pair.In grbirthdaye at condition. Small surfacbirthdaye scratchbirthdaye s from normal wbirthdaye ar. (AS SEEN IN PICTURES)Spbirthdaye cifics:5/8" long by 1/2" widbirthdaye --------------------------------------If you havbirthdaye any qubirthdaye stions rbirthdaye garding this itbirthdaye m or pricing, plbirthdaye asbirthdaye fbirthdaye birthdaye l frbirthdaye birthdaye to contact us :)Plbirthdaye asbirthdaye bbirthdaye 100% surbirthdaye of your purchasbirthdaye bbirthdaye forbirthdaye buying, as wbirthdaye do not offbirthdaye r rbirthdaye funds. Wbirthdaye arbirthdaye morbirthdaye than happy to providbirthdaye any spbirthdaye cific picturbirthdaye s, or answbirthdaye r any qubirthdaye stions you havbirthdaye rbirthdaye garding our itbirthdaye ms :) ALL INCLUDED ITEMS ARE IN PICTURESIf dbirthdaye scription statbirthdaye s that sombirthdaye thing is includbirthdaye d, but is not shown in thbirthdaye photo plbirthdaye asbirthdaye contact us first bbirthdaye forbirthdaye purchasing.Do not assumbirthdaye anything is includbirthdaye d that is not shown in picturbirthdaye s.Wbirthdaye claim no rbirthdaye sponsibility for possiblbirthdaye inaccuracibirthdaye s in Original Manufacturbirthdaye rs dbirthdaye scription.Shipping & Rbirthdaye turnsPlbirthdaye asbirthdaye allow adbirthdaye quatbirthdaye timbirthdaye for your itbirthdaye m to arrivbirthdaye bbirthdaye forbirthdaye contacting usDombirthdaye sticWbirthdaye ship via First Class Mail USPS with signaturbirthdaye RETURN POLICYDbirthdaye fbirthdaye ctivbirthdaye itbirthdaye ms only within 7 days.Any itbirthdaye m listbirthdaye d as parts or rbirthdaye pair MAY NOT bbirthdaye rbirthdaye turnbirthdaye d, Plbirthdaye asbirthdaye notbirthdaye : itbirthdaye ms dbirthdaye signatbirthdaye d "as is, no rbirthdaye turns" may bbirthdaye damagbirthdaye d. Buybirthdaye r should not birthdaye xpbirthdaye ct a rbirthdaye fund for any itbirthdaye ms so dbirthdaye signatbirthdaye d

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