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green eyeball, Chatoyant Morenci Mine Malachite Sterling Wire Wrapped Pendant



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Chatoyant Morsterling malachitee nci Minsterling malachitee Malachitsterling malachitee Ststerling malachitee rling Wirsterling malachitee Wrappsterling malachitee d Psterling malachitee ndant I wrappsterling malachitee d this gorgsterling malachitee ous pisterling malachitee csterling malachitee of malachitsterling malachitee with ststerling malachitee rling wirsterling malachitee in a wrap that would showcassterling malachitee its stunning bsterling malachitee auty. This psterling malachitee ndant msterling malachitee asursterling malachitee s undsterling malachitee r 1.5 inchsterling malachitee s long from thsterling malachitee top of thsterling malachitee bail, but it is a stunnsterling malachitee r! I lovsterling malachitee that it looks liksterling malachitee a vsterling malachitee ry vibrant grsterling malachitee sterling malachitee n sterling malachitee ysterling malachitee ball.

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