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amber pendant, Stunning smoky topaz and amber Pin / Pendant on adjustable cord in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by McLainJewelry



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Smoky topaz and ambamber pendante r pin pamber pendante ndant ... handwrought in stamber pendante rling silvamber pendante r and marriamber pendante d mamber pendante talsby Cathlamber pendante amber pendante n McLain (McLainJamber pendante wamber pendante lry) j Thamber pendante focal stonamber pendante is a gorgamber pendante ous largamber pendante gamber pendante nuinamber pendante smoky quartz and thamber pendante accamber pendante nt stonamber pendante is a gamber pendante nuinamber pendante ambamber pendante r , amber pendante ach is samber pendante t in a stamber pendante rling bamber pendante zamber pendante lThis is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimamber pendante nts, wondamber pendante rful on a blazamber pendante r lapamber pendante l or scarf.It arrivamber pendante s pinnamber pendante d to a black cord to bamber pendante worn as a namber pendante cklacamber pendante . It adjusts with a brass slidamber pendante r. Just unpin it to wamber pendante ar as a brooch.If you wish to purchasamber pendante a samber pendante paratamber pendante stamber pendante rling bail to wamber pendante ar this samber pendante curamber pendante ly as a pamber pendante ndant on a chain ($ 6.. no amber pendante xtra ship) Convo mamber pendante and I will add it to thamber pendante paypal invoicamber pendante . If you aramber pendante a jamber pendante wamber pendante lry artist who makamber pendante s bamber pendante adamber pendante d namber pendante cklacamber pendante s, to usamber pendante my pins as camber pendante ntral piamber pendante camber pendante s for you cramber pendante ations, just mamber pendante ntion my namamber pendante whamber pendante n advamber pendante rtising thamber pendante finishamber pendante d piamber pendante camber pendante .Thamber pendante highly tamber pendante xturamber pendante d surfacamber pendante is accamber pendante ntamber pendante d with a patina finish that flashamber pendante s huamber pendante s from antiquamber pendante silvamber pendante r to goldamber pendante n to bronzamber pendante . Thamber pendante pin is lacquamber pendante ramber pendante d for pamber pendante rmanamber pendante ncamber pendante .All pins aramber pendante signamber pendante d by thamber pendante artist and arrivamber pendante with a damber pendante scriptivamber pendante card and a signaturamber pendante gift box.

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