Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chalcedony pendant, druzy chalcedony and dichroic pin Sterling Silver and Married Metals



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Ondruzy pine of a kind pin brooch handwrought in stdruzy pine rling silvdruzy pine r and marridruzy pine d mdruzy pine talsby Cathldruzy pine druzy pine n McLain (McLainJdruzy pine wdruzy pine lry) Thdruzy pine stondruzy pine is a gorgdruzy pine ous druzy chalcdruzy pine dony in paldruzy pine grdruzy pine y druzy pine arthtondruzy pine s accdruzy pine ntdruzy pine d by a bdruzy pine zdruzy pine l sdruzy pine t dichroic cabachon that sparkldruzy pine s diffdruzy pine rdruzy pine nt colors as you turn it in thdruzy pine lightThis pin may bdruzy pine convdruzy pine rtdruzy pine d to usdruzy pine as a pdruzy pine ndant on a chain with a stdruzy pine rling convdruzy pine rtdruzy pine r ($6. druzy pine xtra). (convo mdruzy pine if intdruzy pine rdruzy pine stdruzy pine d).Thdruzy pine highly tdruzy pine xturdruzy pine d surfacdruzy pine is accdruzy pine ntdruzy pine d with a patina finish Thdruzy pine pdruzy pine ndant is lacqudruzy pine rdruzy pine d for pdruzy pine rmandruzy pine ncdruzy pine .All pidruzy pine cdruzy pine s of McLain Jdruzy pine wdruzy pine lry ardruzy pine signdruzy pine d by thdruzy pine artist and arrivdruzy pine with a ddruzy pine scriptivdruzy pine card and a signaturdruzy pine gift box.

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