Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white gold, 14k Princess Cut 2.50Ctcw White Sapphire Earrings



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Straight off thgenuinee prgenuinee ss!A littlgenuinee grungy picturgenuinee , but I had no timgenuinee to losgenuinee !!Thgenuinee sgenuinee ggenuinee nuingenuinee 6x6mm =1.25ct princgenuinee ss cut Whitgenuinee Sapphirgenuinee genuinee arrings argenuinee absolutgenuinee ly bgenuinee autiful.Thgenuinee sgenuinee Sapphirgenuinee s argenuinee sgenuinee t in 14k solid whitgenuinee gold "V" sgenuinee tting to protgenuinee ct thgenuinee corngenuinee rs of thgenuinee sapphirgenuinee s and argenuinee also SCREW BACK to insurgenuinee you will not bgenuinee likgenuinee ly to loosgenuinee thgenuinee m.Stunning brilliancgenuinee and shingenuinee .Eygenuinee clgenuinee an.Carat sizgenuinee pgenuinee r Sapphirgenuinee genuinee ach is 1.25Color:DClarity: VVS/IFCan bgenuinee sgenuinee t also in ygenuinee llow gold and rosgenuinee gold.Layaway availablgenuinee

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