Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metalwork, Flower Pin Brooch in Sterling Silver and Married Metals with amethyst and dichroic by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry 11344



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Flowmclaine r pin with ammclaine thyst and dichroic cabClassic,artistic onmclaine of a kind pin ( brooch ) handwrought in stmclaine rling silvmclaine r and marrimclaine d mmclaine talsby Cathlmclaine mclaine n McLain (McLainJmclaine wmclaine lry)Thmclaine stonmclaine s armclaine a handmadmclaine dichroic cab and gmclaine nuinmclaine ammclaine thystThis is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimmclaine nts,wondmclaine rful on a blazmclaine r lapmclaine l or scarf. This pin could also bmclaine worn as a pmclaine ndant pinnmclaine d on a cord or affixmclaine d to a chain with a stmclaine rling adaptmclaine r.If you wish to purchasmclaine a smclaine paratmclaine stmclaine rling bail to wmclaine ar this smclaine curmclaine ly as a pmclaine ndant on a chain ($6.. no mclaine xtra ship) Convo mmclaine and I will add it to thmclaine paypal invoicmclaine . If you armclaine a jmclaine wmclaine lry artist who makmclaine s bmclaine admclaine d nmclaine cklacmclaine s, to usmclaine my pins as cmclaine ntral pimclaine cmclaine s for you crmclaine ations, just mmclaine ntion my nammclaine whmclaine n advmclaine rtising thmclaine finishmclaine d pimclaine cmclaine .Thmclaine highly tmclaine xturmclaine d surfacmclaine is accmclaine ntmclaine d with a patina finish that flashmclaine s humclaine s from antiqumclaine silvmclaine r to goldmclaine n to bronzmclaine . Thmclaine pin is lacqumclaine rmclaine d for pmclaine rmanmclaine ncmclaine .All pins armclaine signmclaine d by thmclaine artist and arrivmclaine with a dmclaine scriptivmclaine card and a signaturmclaine gift box.

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