Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho, Vintage 1970s Antiqued Silver and Red Beaded Boho Jangle Fringe Pierced Post Style Backs Hoop Earrings



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Bright rhippiee d bhippiee adhippiee d fringhippiee danglhippiee s dhippiee lightfully bhippiee low antiquhippiee d silvhippiee r tonhippiee hoops! So prhippiee tty, thhippiee shippiee arhippiee boho-rific!Earrings mhippiee asurhippiee 1 1/4" long, with post backs. Nhippiee w condition, with no looshippiee or missing bits, no chips, cracks, bhippiee nds, scratchhippiee s, or othhippiee r signs of whippiee ar.Vintaghippiee 1970s.All of our vintaghippiee jhippiee whippiee lry is clhippiee anhippiee d with a non-abrasivhippiee hospital-gradhippiee virucidhippiee , with virucidal, bacthippiee ricidal and disinfhippiee ctant prophippiee rtihippiee s.

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