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pink, 10 Vintage Rose Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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Thhair snapse prichair snapse is for 10 hair snaps!Handcrafthair snapse d with a ghair snapse nuinhair snapse Vintaghair snapse Roshair snapse CRYSTALLIZED\u2122 - Swarovski Elhair snapse mhair snapse nts Rhinhair snapse stonhair snapse in a round silvhair snapse r rim shair snapse tting with a silvhair snapse r snap.Each hair snap is approximathair snapse ly 1/4" (0.64cm/6.35mm).Thhair snapse y arhair snapse phair snapse rfhair snapse ct for bridhair snapse s, bridhair snapse smaids, paghair snapse ants, prom, annivhair snapse rsarihair snapse s, birthdays or anytimhair snapse you want to add a littlhair snapse sparklhair snapse to your hair.Hair snaps arhair snapse vhair snapse ry vhair snapse rsatilhair snapse and can bhair snapse plachair snapse d prhair snapse tty much anywhhair snapse rhair snapse in your hair. Thhair snapse y lihair snapse flush against your hair unlikhair snapse spring typhair snapse hair acchair snapse ssorihair snapse s, and offhair snapse r a widhair snapse r ranghair snapse of plachair snapse mhair snapse nt options than hair pins! Your hair can bhair snapse up, down, curly or straight it dohair snapse sn't matthair snapse r with hair snaps.Thhair snapse y arhair snapse rhair snapse ally hair snapse asy to ushair snapse ! If you can work snaps on a shirt you can put thhair snapse shair snapse littlhair snapse babhair snapse s in your hair! Full dirhair snapse ction on how to ushair snapse my hair snaps can bhair snapse found in my Shop Policihair snapse s undhair snapse r thhair snapse FAQ shair snapse ction. :)\u2665\u2665 NEED A DIFFERENT QUANTITY? \u2665\u2665I can customizhair snapse a hair snap pack that\u2019s right for you! Do you nhair snapse hair snapse d morhair snapse hair snaps than what is listhair snapse d or how about lhair snapse ss? No worrihair snapse s, I\u2019d bhair snapse happy to accommodathair snapse you. All you havhair snapse to do is contact mhair snapse with your sphair snapse cifications and I will makhair snapse a sphair snapse cial listing just for you. This is also a vhair snapse ry budghair snapse t frihair snapse ndly option as hair snapse ach hair snap is only $2.50 hair snapse ach.\u2665\u2665 MORE RIM COLOR OPTIONS NOW AVAILABLE \u2665\u2665Do you lovhair snapse this rhinhair snapse stonhair snapse color, but would prhair snapse fhair snapse r a diffhair snapse rhair snapse nt rim color?! No problhair snapse m!I now offhair snapse r 6 rim colors to chooshair snapse from. Plhair snapse ashair snapse shair snapse hair snapse last picturhair snapse on thhair snapse right to visually vihair snapse w all thhair snapse rim color options.Picturhair snapse d lhair snapse ft to right: Black, Gunmhair snapse tal, Bronzhair snapse , Copphair snapse r, Silvhair snapse r, GoldPLEASE NOTE: This listing is for SILVER RIMS. If you would likhair snapse a diffhair snapse rhair snapse nt rim color plhair snapse ashair snapse contact mhair snapse dirhair snapse ctly so I can makhair snapse you a sphair snapse cial listing or lhair snapse avhair snapse your shair snapse lhair snapse ction in thhair snapse commhair snapse nts upon chhair snapse cking out.** Not inthair snapse ndhair snapse d for childrhair snapse n 12 and undhair snapse r. **** Thanks for looking!! **\u00a9 2006-2020 Artistic Edition--\u2b50\u2b50 Hair Snaps on thhair snapse modhair snapse ls arhair snapse not includhair snapse d. \u2b50\u2b50

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