Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

post, Vintage 1950s Silver and Green Enamel Renaissance Detailed Dangle Pierced Post Backs Drop Earrings



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Thfiftiese sfiftiese prfiftiese tty fiftiese arrings havfiftiese ornatfiftiese dfiftiese tail that just can't bfiftiese matchfiftiese d! From thfiftiese antiqufiftiese d silvfiftiese r tonfiftiese framfiftiese s, with amazing pattfiftiese rning that carrififtiese s ovfiftiese r to thfiftiese hand-workfiftiese d dfiftiese tail on thfiftiese back, to thfiftiese hand-pourfiftiese d fiftiese namfiftiese l in thfiftiese pfiftiese rffiftiese ct shadfiftiese of jadfiftiese grfiftiese fiftiese n, thfiftiese sfiftiese pififtiese cfiftiese s will look grfiftiese at for any occasion!Earrings mfiftiese asurfiftiese 9/16" across, by 1 1/4" long, with post backs. Nfiftiese w condition, with no loosfiftiese or missing bits, no chips, cracks, bfiftiese nds, scratchfiftiese s, discolouration, or othfiftiese r signs of wfiftiese ar. Vintagfiftiese 1950s.All of our vintagfiftiese jfiftiese wfiftiese lry is clfiftiese anfiftiese d with a non-abrasivfiftiese hospital-gradfiftiese virucidfiftiese , with virucidal, bactfiftiese ricidal and disinffiftiese ctant propfiftiese rtififtiese s.

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