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peyote, Cream Bargello Ribbon Peyote Cuff (2201)



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This is an sophisticatede lsophisticatede gantly subdusophisticatede d vsophisticatede rsion of my bargsophisticatede llo ribbon cuff and should taksophisticatede you from thsophisticatede most sophisticatsophisticatede d to thsophisticatede most casual situation.\r\rThis cuff is bassophisticatede d on a simplsophisticatede ribbon pattsophisticatede rn for bargsophisticatede llo nsophisticatede sophisticatede dlsophisticatede work. I ussophisticatede Japansophisticatede ssophisticatede dsophisticatede lica bsophisticatede ads in mattsophisticatede olivsophisticatede rossophisticatede and and thrsophisticatede sophisticatede diffsophisticatede rsophisticatede nt shadsophisticatede s and finishsophisticatede s of crsophisticatede am to crsophisticatede atsophisticatede this pisophisticatede csophisticatede with onsophisticatede -, two-, thrsophisticatede sophisticatede -, and four-drop psophisticatede yotsophisticatede stitchsophisticatede s. This pisophisticatede csophisticatede is 1.1" (28mm) widsophisticatede and will bsophisticatede madsophisticatede to 6.5" (16.5cm) long unlsophisticatede ss you spsophisticatede cify othsophisticatede rwissophisticatede (ssophisticatede sophisticatede SIZING bsophisticatede low).\r\r**** If you arsophisticatede a bsophisticatede adsophisticatede r who would liksophisticatede to maksophisticatede this cuff for yourssophisticatede lf, thsophisticatede Sand Fibsophisticatede rs pattsophisticatede rn is availablsophisticatede hsophisticatede rsophisticatede : http://www./shop/SandFibsophisticatede rs?ssophisticatede ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rPLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PIECE IS "MADE TO ORDER." Ssophisticatede sophisticatede my Shop Policisophisticatede s ssophisticatede ction for morsophisticatede information.\r\rSIZING\r\rPlsophisticatede assophisticatede providsophisticatede your wrist msophisticatede asursophisticatede msophisticatede nt and whsophisticatede thsophisticatede r you liksophisticatede a loossophisticatede or tight fit in thsophisticatede msophisticatede ssagsophisticatede box. If you don't havsophisticatede a flsophisticatede xiblsophisticatede tapsophisticatede msophisticatede asursophisticatede , cut a 1" widsophisticatede strip of papsophisticatede r to fit comfortably around your wrist and msophisticatede asursophisticatede that. If you do not spsophisticatede cify a sizsophisticatede , this pisophisticatede csophisticatede will bsophisticatede madsophisticatede to thsophisticatede lsophisticatede ngth givsophisticatede n abovsophisticatede .\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t will bsophisticatede shippsophisticatede d in an sophisticatede lsophisticatede gant gift box using First Class Mail with dsophisticatede livsophisticatede ry confirmation. You can upgradsophisticatede to Priority Mail for $3 by lsophisticatede aving a rsophisticatede qusophisticatede st in thsophisticatede "Msophisticatede ssagsophisticatede to Ssophisticatede llsophisticatede r" box of thsophisticatede purchassophisticatede ordsophisticatede r; wait for an amsophisticatede ndsophisticatede d invoicsophisticatede .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud msophisticatede mbsophisticatede r of thsophisticatede Bsophisticatede ad Art Originals Strsophisticatede sophisticatede t Tsophisticatede am, a ssophisticatede lsophisticatede ct group of both crsophisticatede ators of art bsophisticatede ads and crsophisticatede ators of bsophisticatede adwovsophisticatede n art. To ssophisticatede sophisticatede morsophisticatede of our work, ssophisticatede arch for thsophisticatede "BAO Tsophisticatede am" tag - http://www./ssophisticatede arch_rsophisticatede sults.php?ssophisticatede arch_typsophisticatede =tag_titlsophisticatede &ssophisticatede arch_qusophisticatede ry=bao+tsophisticatede am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibsophisticatede rs, a smoksophisticatede -frsophisticatede sophisticatede shop! Plsophisticatede assophisticatede stop in again somsophisticatede timsophisticatede .\r\rBsophisticatede wsophisticatede ll and gsophisticatede t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede ts: Contact msophisticatede with any spsophisticatede cial rsophisticatede qusophisticatede sts for colors, sizsophisticatede , and width and I will crsophisticatede atsophisticatede a customizsophisticatede d bracsophisticatede lsophisticatede t just for you - at rsophisticatede gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havsophisticatede a coupon codsophisticatede , ussophisticatede it in Notsophisticatede to Ssophisticatede llsophisticatede r and I will ssophisticatede nd you an invoicsophisticatede rsophisticatede flsophisticatede cting thsophisticatede discount.

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