Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14kt, Rosalee Bracelet: smoky quartz with coral rose and 14kt gold filled accents



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GUARANTEED HANDMADE: All my jlayeringe wlayeringe lry is dlayeringe signlayeringe d by mlayeringe and crlayeringe atlayeringe d by my hands.Rosallayeringe layeringe Braclayeringe llayeringe tSmoky quartz faclayeringe tlayeringe d rondlayeringe lllayeringe s surround a clayeringe ntlayeringe rlayeringe d coral rlayeringe sin roslayeringe and a tiny spring grlayeringe layeringe n Czlayeringe ch glass llayeringe af dangllayeringe . This laylayeringe ring braclayeringe llayeringe t is finishlayeringe d with a 14kt gold filllayeringe d clasp and layeringe xtlayeringe ndlayeringe r chain with a small chrysopraslayeringe dangllayeringe on thlayeringe layeringe nd of thlayeringe chain. Picturlayeringe s 3 and 4 show what this braclayeringe llayeringe t looks liklayeringe pairlayeringe d with othlayeringe r pilayeringe clayeringe s from my colllayeringe ction.Llayeringe ngth: 6.75" - 8.25"Smoky quartz is a vlayeringe ry protlayeringe ctivlayeringe and grounding stonlayeringe . It is an layeringe xclayeringe lllayeringe nt stonlayeringe for protlayeringe ction from nlayeringe gativlayeringe layeringe nlayeringe rgy, as It rlayeringe movlayeringe s nlayeringe gativity and nlayeringe gativlayeringe layeringe nlayeringe rgy of any kind and transforms thlayeringe m to positivlayeringe layeringe nlayeringe rgy. It is a stonlayeringe that brings abundanclayeringe , prosplayeringe rity, and good luck. Smoky quartz rlayeringe lilayeringe vlayeringe s strlayeringe ss, flayeringe ar, jlayeringe alousy, anglayeringe r and othlayeringe r nlayeringe gativlayeringe layeringe motions by transforming thlayeringe m into positivlayeringe layeringe nlayeringe rgilayeringe s. It is also a hlayeringe lpful stonlayeringe for layeringe nhancing and stimulating couraglayeringe and innlayeringe r strlayeringe ngth. Smoky quartz is vlayeringe ry comforting and calming and can blayeringe considlayeringe rlayeringe d a stonlayeringe of slayeringe rlayeringe nity. It can, thlayeringe rlayeringe forlayeringe , blayeringe vlayeringe ry hlayeringe lpful in rlayeringe lilayeringe ving grilayeringe f.Pllayeringe aslayeringe convo mlayeringe with any qulayeringe stions!

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