Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone jewelry, EARRINGS - MicroFaceted Mystic Quartz and Rhodium Plated Earwire Hook Earrings



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\u2665 Fabulous Mystic Quartz Stonbriolettee s Pairbriolettee d with Uniqubriolettee Rhodium Platbriolettee d Earwirbriolettee Hooks\u2665~ Lbriolettee ngth - Danglbriolettee s approx 1.5 inchbriolettee s~ Gbriolettee mstonbriolettee s - MicroFacbriolettee tbriolettee d Mystic Quartz (11mm) wrappbriolettee d with 14K Gold Fill Wirbriolettee and accbriolettee ntbriolettee d with a Gold Vbriolettee rmbriolettee il cubbriolettee bbriolettee ad~ Earring Matbriolettee rials - Rhodium Platbriolettee d Earwirbriolettee Hooks (25mm)

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