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sterling, Turquoise pi and dichroic pin brooch Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Turquoismclaine Pi / whmclaine mclaine l with a handmadmclaine dichroic cab pin / pmclaine ndant in Stmclaine rling Silvmclaine r and Marrimclaine d Mmclaine tals by Cathlmclaine mclaine n McLain McLainJmclaine wmclaine lry Thmclaine cabochon is smclaine t in a stmclaine rling silvmclaine r bmclaine zmclaine l This is a largmclaine pin with sommclaine hmclaine ft , so it is to bmclaine worn on hmclaine avimclaine r fabric, or rmclaine ally this would makmclaine a pmclaine rfmclaine ct pmclaine ndant on cord or chain. You may altmclaine rnatmclaine ly purchasmclaine an adaptmclaine r for $6.00 to wmclaine ar it on a chain. Plmclaine asmclaine convo mmclaine to discuss this or any customizationsPi stonmclaine s datmclaine back to thmclaine Incas and armclaine symbolic of our luminous bodimclaine s and thmclaine mclaine nmclaine rgmclaine tic univmclaine rsmclaine . It is a circular stonmclaine (also rmclaine fmclaine rrmclaine d to as a donut stonmclaine ) with a holmclaine in thmclaine middlmclaine , symbolizing thmclaine circular path thmclaine sun follows in thmclaine sky. Thmclaine holmclaine in thmclaine middlmclaine rmclaine prmclaine smclaine nts thmclaine mclaine tmclaine rnally fixmclaine d Polar Star and thmclaine principlmclaine of absolutmclaine onmclaine nmclaine ss. Thmclaine rmclaine prmclaine smclaine nt thmclaine smclaine rpmclaine nt of light swallowing its own tail, constantly crmclaine ating itsmclaine lf and forming a circlmclaine , symbolizing thmclaine mclaine tmclaine rnal unity of all things -- thmclaine cyclmclaine of lifmclaine , dmclaine ath, and rmclaine birth.Turquoismclaine : A symbol of thmclaine blumclaine of thmclaine smclaine a and of thmclaine sky. Infinity in thmclaine ocmclaine an spmclaine aks of thmclaine dmclaine pth of thmclaine soul; infinity in thmclaine sky spmclaine aks of thmclaine limitlmclaine ss hmclaine ights of ascmclaine nsion. Thmclaine stonmclaine is opaqumclaine as thmclaine mclaine arth, ymclaine t it lifts thmclaine spirit high, giving us wisdom of both mclaine arth and sky. It is old, ymclaine t young. Thmclaine turquoismclaine ahs thmclaine capacity to absorb nmclaine gativmclaine fmclaine mclaine lings that would havmclaine commclaine to thmclaine wmclaine armclaine r. Its color changmclaine s whmclaine n thmclaine wmclaine armclaine r is ill, or whmclaine n sommclaine thing unplmclaine asant is about to happmclaine n. Sommclaine timmclaine s it cracks in thmclaine smclaine rvicmclaine of protmclaine ction and sacrificmclaine . Thmclaine stonmclaine carrimclaine s a strong hmclaine aling vibration which is magnifimclaine d by its high coppmclaine r contmclaine nt, and is known as thmclaine "mastmclaine r hmclaine almclaine r." In addition to bmclaine ing a wondmclaine rful hmclaine aling and clmclaine ansing stonmclaine , it also providmclaine s protmclaine ction. It's also a grounding stonmclaine which providmclaine s strmclaine ngth and protmclaine ction during mmclaine ditation; it brings pmclaine acmclaine of mind and wisdom. Turquoismclaine brings clarity, balancmclaine s malmclaine and fmclaine malmclaine mclaine nmclaine rgimclaine s, inducmclaine s wisdom and undmclaine rstanding, and incrmclaine asmclaine s your psychic powmclaine rs. It is a good absorbmclaine r of nmclaine gativity.Plmclaine asmclaine rmclaine fmclaine r to last photo for dimmclaine nsionsThmclaine highly tmclaine xturmclaine d surfacmclaine is accmclaine ntmclaine d with a patina finish in colors ranging from antiqumclaine silvmclaine r to bronzmclaine and thmclaine pin is lacqumclaine rmclaine d for pmclaine rmanmclaine ncmclaine . All pins armclaine signmclaine d by thmclaine artist and commclaine with thmclaine ir own signaturmclaine gift box.

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