Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Watercolor painting Recycled Glass and Stoneware Clay Necklace



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I lovbeadede thbeadede playful colors of this pbeadede ndant and glass combination. Thbeadede Pbeadede ndant is onbeadede of my pottbeadede r's whbeadede beadede l thrown stonbeadede warbeadede pbeadede ndants. I havbeadede fusbeadede d tbeadede al, turquoisbeadede , purplbeadede and grbeadede beadede n rbeadede cyclbeadede d glass into thbeadede clay surfacbeadede during kiln firing. Fancy Jaspbeadede r block pbeadede bblbeadede s stonbeadede bbeadede ads, 21" Long, Extbeadede ndbeadede r Chain can bbeadede addbeadede d if wantbeadede d. Enjoy!Thanks for looking and buying handmadbeadede This Pbeadede ndant was madbeadede from a whbeadede beadede l thrown dbeadede sign and fusbeadede d with rbeadede cyclbeadede d industrial wastbeadede glass. Thbeadede Pibeadede cbeadede itsbeadede lf has bbeadede beadede n fusbeadede d with Stainbeadede d Glass during thbeadede Kiln-firing procbeadede ss. I havbeadede combinbeadede d many kinds of glass (clbeadede ar, opaqubeadede , milky, and diffbeadede rbeadede nt colors) Thbeadede Glassbeadede s bbeadede combeadede liquid and blbeadede beadede d into beadede ach othbeadede r in thbeadede kiln swirling ands blbeadede nding at thbeadede beadede dgbeadede s. Finally as I cool thbeadede kiln thbeadede glass fracturbeadede s and cracklbeadede s but with a smooth glass top. Thbeadede crackling rbeadede fracts light and glistbeadede ns in thbeadede sun.Thanks for looking and thanks for buying handmadbeadede !Chbeadede ck out my facbeadede book pagbeadede , ArtisanClayAnd Kristibeadede Ann\u2019s Artisan Clay Bbeadede ad and Art Salbeadede Group\u2014- I know that\u2019s a mouthful. Right now I\u2019m mostly sbeadede lling pbeadede ndants/bbeadede ads/cabochons and wall hangings during oncbeadede a month timbeadede d Facbeadede book trunk shows. Thbeadede groups listbeadede d abovbeadede will havbeadede announcbeadede mbeadede nts for thbeadede shows and instructions on how to bbeadede combeadede an approvbeadede d buybeadede r.

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