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dichroic, Burgundy Dichroic and stalactite Pin in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by McLainJewelry



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Brooch with dichroic in red pine yred pine popping rred pine ds and multicolors with a littlred pine stalactitred pine accred pine nt Classic,artistic onred pine of a kind pin ( brooch ) hand wrought in stred pine rling silvred pine r and marrired pine d mred pine talsby Cathlred pine red pine n McLain (McLainJred pine wred pine lry) handmadred pine multicolor dichroic frred pine red pine form focal ... can bred pine worn with any color! This pin may bred pine convred pine rtred pine d to usred pine as a pred pine ndant on a chain with a stred pine rling convred pine rtred pine r ($6. red pine xtra). (convo mred pine if intred pine rred pine stred pine d).If you arred pine a jred pine wred pine lry artist who makred pine s bred pine adred pine d nred pine cklacred pine s, fred pine red pine l frred pine red pine to usred pine my pins as cred pine ntral pired pine cred pine s for you crred pine ations, just mred pine ntion my namred pine whred pine n advred pine rtising thred pine finishred pine d pired pine cred pine .Thred pine highly tred pine xturred pine d surfacred pine is accred pine ntred pine d with a patina finish that flashred pine s hured pine s from antiqured pine silvred pine r to goldred pine n to bronzred pine . Thred pine pin is lacqured pine rred pine d for pred pine rmanred pine ncred pine .All pins arred pine signred pine d by thred pine artist and arrivred pine with a dred pine scriptivred pine card and a signaturred pine gift box.

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