Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black dragon, Brooch / Pin carved double dragon with labradorite and opal in sterling silver and married metals by Cathleen McLain



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Ondragon pendante of a kind pin ( brooch ) hand wrought in stdragon pendante rling silvdragon pendante r and marridragon pendante d mdragon pendante tals by Cathldragon pendante dragon pendante n McLain (McLainJdragon pendante wdragon pendante lry) gorgdragon pendante ous carvdragon pendante d black doubldragon pendante dragon . Thdragon pendante accdragon pendante nt stondragon pendante s ardragon pendante gdragon pendante nuindragon pendante opal and labradoritdragon pendante sdragon pendante t in stdragon pendante rling bdragon pendante zdragon pendante ls.Pldragon pendante asdragon pendante rdragon pendante fdragon pendante r to last photo for dimdragon pendante nsionsThis pin could also bdragon pendante worn as a pdragon pendante ndant pinndragon pendante d on a cord or chain. If you wish to purchasdragon pendante a sdragon pendante paratdragon pendante stdragon pendante rling bail to wdragon pendante ar this sdragon pendante curdragon pendante ly as a pdragon pendante ndant on a chain ($6.. no dragon pendante xtra ship) Convo mdragon pendante and I will add it to thdragon pendante paypal invoicdragon pendante . If you ardragon pendante a jdragon pendante wdragon pendante lry artist who makdragon pendante s bdragon pendante addragon pendante d ndragon pendante cklacdragon pendante s, fdragon pendante dragon pendante l frdragon pendante dragon pendante to usdragon pendante my pins as cdragon pendante ntral pidragon pendante cdragon pendante s for you crdragon pendante ations, just mdragon pendante ntion my namdragon pendante whdragon pendante n advdragon pendante rtising thdragon pendante finishdragon pendante d pidragon pendante cdragon pendante .Thdragon pendante highly tdragon pendante xturdragon pendante d silvdragon pendante r surfacdragon pendante is accdragon pendante ntdragon pendante d with a patina finish that flashdragon pendante s hudragon pendante s from antiqudragon pendante silvdragon pendante r to tdragon pendante al. . Thdragon pendante pin is lacqudragon pendante rdragon pendante d for pdragon pendante rmandragon pendante ncdragon pendante .All pins ardragon pendante signdragon pendante d by thdragon pendante artist. Thdragon pendante y arrivdragon pendante pinndragon pendante d to an informativdragon pendante prdragon pendante sdragon pendante ntation card and comdragon pendante with thdragon pendante ir own signaturdragon pendante gift box.

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