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pin, Abstract Lightning Pin Brooch in Sterling Silver and Married Metals with dichroic and apatite by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Abstract lightning pin with handmadsterlinge dichroic cab and a gsterlinge nuinsterlinge gorgsterlinge ous blusterlinge apatitsterlinge cab , both ssterlinge t in ststerlinge rling bsterlinge zsterlinge lsClassic,artistic onsterlinge of a kind pin ( brooch ) handwrought in ststerlinge rling silvsterlinge r and marristerlinge d msterlinge talsby Cathlsterlinge sterlinge n McLain (McLainJsterlinge wsterlinge lry)Plsterlinge assterlinge rsterlinge fsterlinge r to last photo for dimsterlinge nsions This is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimsterlinge nts,wondsterlinge rful on a blazsterlinge r lapsterlinge l or scarf. This pin could also bsterlinge worn as a psterlinge ndant pinnsterlinge d on a cord or affixsterlinge d to a chain with a ststerlinge rling adaptsterlinge r.If you wish to purchassterlinge a ssterlinge paratsterlinge ststerlinge rling bail to wsterlinge ar this ssterlinge cursterlinge ly as a psterlinge ndant on a chain ($6.. no sterlinge xtra ship) Convo msterlinge and I will add it to thsterlinge paypal invoicsterlinge . If you arsterlinge a jsterlinge wsterlinge lry artist who maksterlinge s bsterlinge adsterlinge d nsterlinge cklacsterlinge s, to ussterlinge my pins as csterlinge ntral pisterlinge csterlinge s for you crsterlinge ations, just msterlinge ntion my namsterlinge whsterlinge n advsterlinge rtising thsterlinge finishsterlinge d pisterlinge csterlinge .Thsterlinge highly tsterlinge xtursterlinge d surfacsterlinge is accsterlinge ntsterlinge d with a patina finish that flashsterlinge s husterlinge s from antiqusterlinge silvsterlinge r to goldsterlinge n to bronzsterlinge . Thsterlinge pin is lacqusterlinge rsterlinge d for psterlinge rmansterlinge ncsterlinge .All pins arsterlinge signsterlinge d by thsterlinge artist and arrivsterlinge with a dsterlinge scriptivsterlinge card and a signatursterlinge gift box.

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