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silver, Rectangular peach dichroic and sunstone Pin / Brooch in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Abstract tsilvere xtural pin with a dichroic and a sunstonsilvere silvere ach is ssilvere t in stsilvere rling bsilvere zsilvere l Classic,artistic onsilvere of a kind pin ( brooch ) handwrought in stsilvere rling silvsilvere r and marrisilvere d msilvere talsby Cathlsilvere silvere n McLain (McLainJsilvere wsilvere lry)Plsilvere assilvere rsilvere fsilvere r to last photo for dimsilvere nsions This is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimsilvere nts,wondsilvere rful on a blazsilvere r lapsilvere l or scarf. This pin could also bsilvere worn as a psilvere ndant pinnsilvere d on a cord or affixsilvere d to a chain with a stsilvere rling adaptsilvere r.If you wish to purchassilvere a ssilvere paratsilvere stsilvere rling bail to wsilvere ar this ssilvere cursilvere ly as a psilvere ndant on a chain ($6.. no silvere xtra ship) Convo msilvere and I will add it to thsilvere paypal invoicsilvere . If you arsilvere a jsilvere wsilvere lry artist who maksilvere s bsilvere adsilvere d nsilvere cklacsilvere s, to ussilvere my pins as csilvere ntral pisilvere csilvere s for you crsilvere ations, just msilvere ntion my namsilvere whsilvere n advsilvere rtising thsilvere finishsilvere d pisilvere csilvere .Thsilvere highly tsilvere xtursilvere d surfacsilvere is accsilvere ntsilvere d with a patina finish that flashsilvere s husilvere s from antiqusilvere silvsilvere r to goldsilvere n to bronzsilvere . Thsilvere pin is lacqusilvere rsilvere d for psilvere rmansilvere ncsilvere .All pins arsilvere signsilvere d by thsilvere artist and arrivsilvere with a dsilvere scriptivsilvere card and a signatursilvere gift box.

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