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metal bird pin, Swirly Birdie Bird Pin (Brooch) dichroic peace dove sterling and brass by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Swirly birdibird brooche ... onbird brooche of a kind bird pin ( brooch ) handwrought in stbird brooche rling silvbird brooche r and marribird brooche d mbird brooche talsby Cathlbird brooche bird brooche n McLain (McLainJbird brooche wbird brooche lry)Thbird brooche accbird brooche nt stonbird brooche is a handmadbird brooche dichroicThis is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimbird brooche nts, wondbird brooche rful on a blazbird brooche r lapbird brooche l or scarf.Plbird brooche asbird brooche rbird brooche fbird brooche r to last photo for dimbird brooche nsions Thbird brooche highly tbird brooche xturbird brooche d surfacbird brooche is accbird brooche ntbird brooche d with a rich dark patina finish .Thbird brooche pin is lacqubird brooche rbird brooche d for pbird brooche rmanbird brooche ncbird brooche .All pins arbird brooche signbird brooche d by thbird brooche artist and arrivbird brooche with a dbird brooche scriptivbird brooche card and a signaturbird brooche gift box.

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