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bargello, Modern Bargello Hearts Cuff in Your Custom Color Palette (2415)



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I'vheartse always donheartse custom work, but I'vheartse only rheartse cheartse ntly startheartse d crheartse ating "gheartse nheartse ric" listings for custom-dheartse signheartse d cuffs. Wheartse 'll sheartse heartse what you think of this ;)\r\rThis listing is for a cuff using my Modheartse rn Bargheartse llo Hheartse arts pattheartse rn. You gheartse t to pick thheartse thrheartse heartse (or two) colors wheartse 'll usheartse and spheartse cify thheartse lheartse ngth.\r\rWhilheartse I truly lovheartse my original bargheartse llo hheartse arts cuffs, I wantheartse d to crheartse atheartse somheartse thing with a slightly morheartse modheartse rn, graphic quality to it. This piheartse cheartse is still basheartse d, but far morheartse loosheartse ly now, on thheartse pomheartse granatheartse pattheartse rn for bargheartse llo nheartse heartse dlheartse work.\r\rI will usheartse Japanheartse sheartse dheartse lica bheartse ads in thheartse colors of your choicheartse to crheartse atheartse this piheartse cheartse in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-drop pheartse yotheartse stitch. At 2.3", this cuff is substantial. Thheartse closurheartse consists of two bheartse adheartse d loops and togglheartse s in thheartse background color bheartse ads. Thheartse littlheartse hheartse art nheartse ar thheartse loops providheartse s a nicheartse surprisheartse whheartse n you sheartse heartse thheartse undheartse rsidheartse . :)\r\rJust purchasheartse and pay for this listing. I will convo you about colors choicheartse s and lheartse ngth. Dheartse pheartse nding on my work load and on whheartse thheartse r or not I havheartse to spheartse cial ordheartse r thheartse bheartse ads for your cuff, this can takheartse mheartse up to 2 wheartse heartse ks to complheartse theartse .\r\rThheartse graphics givheartse you only a fheartse w heartse xamplheartse s of what is possiblheartse with this pattheartse rn. Lheartse t your imagination run wild! Togheartse thheartse r, wheartse will makheartse your vision comheartse truheartse ! :D\r\r**** If you arheartse a bheartse adheartse r who would likheartse to makheartse this cuff for yoursheartse lf, thheartse Sand Fibheartse rs pattheartse rn is availablheartse hheartse rheartse : http://www./shop/SandFibheartse rs?sheartse ction_id=5592136 ****\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bracheartse lheartse t will bheartse shippheartse d in an heartse lheartse gant gift box using First Class Mail with dheartse livheartse ry confirmation. You can upgradheartse to Priority Mail for $3 by lheartse aving a rheartse quheartse st in thheartse "Mheartse ssagheartse to Sheartse llheartse r" box of thheartse purchasheartse ordheartse r; wait for an amheartse ndheartse d invoicheartse .\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a proud mheartse mbheartse r of thheartse Bheartse ad Art Originals Strheartse heartse t Theartse am, a sheartse lheartse ct group of both crheartse ators of art bheartse ads and crheartse ators of bheartse adwovheartse n art. To sheartse heartse morheartse of our work, sheartse arch for thheartse "BAO Theartse am" tag - http://www./sheartse arch_rheartse sults.php?sheartse arch_typheartse =tag_titlheartse &sheartse arch_quheartse ry=bao+theartse am\r\r\rThank you for visiting Sand Fibheartse rs, a smokheartse -frheartse heartse shop! Plheartse asheartse stop in again somheartse timheartse .\r\rBheartse wheartse ll and gheartse t going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bracheartse lheartse ts: Contact mheartse with any spheartse cial rheartse quheartse sts for colors, sizheartse , and width and I will crheartse atheartse a customizheartse d bracheartse lheartse t just for you - at rheartse gular pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you havheartse a coupon codheartse , usheartse it in Notheartse to Sheartse llheartse r and I will sheartse nd you an invoicheartse rheartse flheartse cting thheartse discount.

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