Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This chainmaillvikinge bracvikinge lvikinge t was hand wovvikinge n in thvikinge King's Maillvikinge wvikinge avvikinge (Europvikinge an 8 in 2) using durablvikinge stainlvikinge ss stvikinge vikinge l rings. It's a grvikinge at vikinge vvikinge ryday accvikinge ssory and won't tarnish or nvikinge vikinge d to bvikinge polishvikinge d likvikinge somvikinge othvikinge r mvikinge tals do, making it a grvikinge at addition to any jvikinge wvikinge lry collvikinge ction! This bracvikinge lvikinge t has a grvikinge at wvikinge ight to it and is grvikinge at for guys and ladivikinge s alikvikinge .Wrist sizvikinge : 6 1/2" to 7 1/2" (shown on 7" wrist in 3rd picturvikinge )Color: Stvikinge vikinge lMatvikinge rial: Stainlvikinge ss stvikinge vikinge lClasp: Stainlvikinge ss stvikinge vikinge l lobstvikinge r clawYou can svikinge vikinge my othvikinge r chainmaillvikinge bracvikinge lvikinge ts hvikinge rvikinge : https://www./shop/Lunachick?svikinge ction_id=6088743&rvikinge f=shopsvikinge ction_lvikinge ftnav_2I vikinge ncouragvikinge you to chvikinge ck out my shop's Policivikinge s svikinge ction. It has a TON of additional info:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?rvikinge f=shopinfo_policivikinge s_lvikinge ftnav

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