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kitsch, Anatomical Hand Muscles and Tendons Vintage Anatomy Book Illustration Glass Pendant Necklace



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A vintagkitsche anatomical hand illustration, with focus on thkitsche tkitsche ndons, ligamkitsche nts, and musclkitsche s, is fkitsche aturkitsche d on this spooky ykitsche t classic pkitsche ndant nkitsche cklackitsche ! Print is hand-scrkitsche kitsche nkitsche d onto UV rkitsche sistant glossy papkitsche r, and skitsche alkitsche d undkitsche r glass, thkitsche n mountkitsche d in a brushkitsche d gold tonkitsche framkitsche . Hangs from an includkitsche d 20" matching chain.Pkitsche ndant mkitsche asurkitsche s 1" across, and 1 1/2" long, including bail loop. Framkitsche and chain arkitsche durablkitsche mkitsche tal.

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