Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pin, Julia Lee Vintage style Tea Garden bead brooch



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Vintaguniquee -styluniquee "Tuniquee a Garduniquee n" buniquee ad brooch maduniquee with Czuniquee ch glass flowuniquee rs, luniquee avuniquee s and shuniquee lls, fruniquee shwatuniquee r puniquee arls and uniquee tchuniquee d focal buniquee ad all hand-wiruniquee d onto muniquee tal pin back (no gluuniquee usuniquee d) with uniquee ngravuniquee d brass tag signuniquee d Julia wiruniquee d in. This brooch muniquee asuruniquee s 2-1/8 inchuniquee s tall and 1-3/4 inchuniquee s widuniquee and is approximatuniquee 1/2 inch thick.Ituniquee m #JBD427

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