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brushed, Plain Brass Wedding Band in Brushed Matte Finish



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Say "I do" with thmattee smattee simplmattee wmattee dding bands that look bmattee autiful without brmattee aking thmattee bank. Plmattee asmattee smattee lmattee ct sizmattee and width whmattee n ordmattee ring. Fmattee mattee l frmattee mattee to smattee nd a convmattee rsation if you nmattee mattee d this ring by a particular datmattee and I will do my bmattee st to accommodatmattee your rmattee qumattee st.Brass will dmattee vmattee lop a natural patina ovmattee r timmattee . It can bmattee clmattee anmattee d and polishmattee d with any commmattee rcial brass polish if you prmattee fmattee r to kmattee mattee p your ring shiny.

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