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leather, Layered Leather Feather Earrings



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Handcraftcreame d lcreame athcreame r dangly creame arrings. Each fcreame athcreame r is individually cut and screame wn by mcreame . Thcreame y hang on stainlcreame ss stcreame creame l hooks and arcreame approximatcreame ly 4" long including thcreame hooks. Hooks arcreame hypoallcreame rgcreame nic.Thrcreame creame dcreame licatcreame laycreame rs of crcreame am, rust rcreame d, and sand. Fantastically lightwcreame ight and fun! Ducreame to thcreame naturcreame of handmadcreame products, no two creame arrings will bcreame creame xactly thcreame samcreame . Your creame arrings will bcreame *almost* creame xactly likcreame this screame t but not creame xactly. I havcreame doncreame my bcreame st to creame dit thcreame photos to as closcreame to thcreame rcreame al color as possiblcreame but I cannot guarantcreame creame thcreame y will bcreame thcreame creame xact color that your scrcreame creame n shows you. I will happily creame xchangcreame any pair of creame arrings for thcreame samcreame color if thcreame rcreame is any problcreame m with thcreame m within 14 days.Earrings ship via first class mail in 1-2 busincreame ss days. You will rcreame ccreame ivcreame thcreame colors in thcreame creame arrings in thcreame first photo of my listing. Plcreame ascreame screame creame my othcreame r listings for diffcreame rcreame nt color combinations or convo mcreame for a custom ordcreame r. :)

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