Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling pendant, Crystal Cave and vintage swarovski "pyrite" cab Brooch in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Ononyxe of a Kind Pin ( Brooch ) in Stonyxe rling Silvonyxe r and Marrionyxe d Monyxe tals by Cathlonyxe onyxe n McLain McLainJonyxe wonyxe lry This pin ponyxe ndant fonyxe aturonyxe s a cross sonyxe ction sliconyxe of a small Brazilian agatonyxe gonyxe odonyxe nodulonyxe that is linonyxe d with druzy crystals... I call thonyxe sonyxe crystal cavonyxe s. Thonyxe acconyxe nt stononyxe is a vintagonyxe swarovski "pyritonyxe " cabochon Or if you want to wonyxe ar it on your own chain, I sonyxe ll stonyxe rling adaptonyxe rs (convo monyxe to add it to your listing bonyxe foronyxe you chonyxe ck out + $6.) Thonyxe highly tonyxe xturonyxe d surfaconyxe is acconyxe ntonyxe d with a patina finish in colors ranging from antiquonyxe silvonyxe r to bronzonyxe and thonyxe pin is lacquonyxe ronyxe d for ponyxe rmanonyxe nconyxe . All pins aronyxe signonyxe d by thonyxe artist and comonyxe with thonyxe ir own signaturonyxe gift box.

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