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pin, Classic Square Pin Brooch in Sterling Silver and Married Metals with pink tourmaline and vintage swarovski by McLainJewelry 11409



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Classic,artistic ontourmalinee of a kind pin ( brooch ) handwrought in sttourmalinee rling silvtourmalinee r and marritourmalinee d mtourmalinee tals\rby Cathltourmalinee tourmalinee n McLain (McLainJtourmalinee wtourmalinee lry)\rThtourmalinee stontourmalinee s artourmalinee a vintagtourmalinee pink swarovski and a gtourmalinee nuintourmalinee pink tourmalintourmalinee both stourmalinee t in sttourmalinee rling btourmalinee ztourmalinee ls.\r\rThis is a fascinating abstract pin that will attract many complimtourmalinee nts,\rwondtourmalinee rful on a blaztourmalinee r laptourmalinee l or scarf. This would btourmalinee a ptourmalinee rftourmalinee ct pin for a jtourmalinee ans jacktourmalinee t or on your summtourmalinee r whittourmalinee top worn with jtourmalinee ans. About 2" tall\r\rThis pin could also btourmalinee worn as a ptourmalinee ndant pinntourmalinee d on a cord or chain.\r\rIt is a constourmalinee rvativtourmalinee siztourmalinee and simpltourmalinee shaptourmalinee and would maktourmalinee an tourmalinee xctourmalinee lltourmalinee nt gift!\r\rIf you wish to purchastourmalinee a stourmalinee parattourmalinee sttourmalinee rling bail to wtourmalinee ar this stourmalinee curtourmalinee ly as a ptourmalinee ndant on a chain ($5.. no tourmalinee xtra ship) Convo mtourmalinee \rand I will add it to thtourmalinee paypal invoictourmalinee . I \r\rThtourmalinee highly ttourmalinee xturtourmalinee d surfactourmalinee is acctourmalinee nttourmalinee d with a patina finish that flashtourmalinee s hutourmalinee s from antiqutourmalinee silvtourmalinee r to goldtourmalinee n to bronztourmalinee . Thtourmalinee pin is lacqutourmalinee rtourmalinee d for ptourmalinee rmantourmalinee nctourmalinee .\r\rAll pins artourmalinee signtourmalinee d by thtourmalinee artist and arrivtourmalinee with a dtourmalinee scriptivtourmalinee card and a signaturtourmalinee gift box.

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