Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fuschia, Dyed Fuchsia Agate Slice Pendant Necklace



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Sara Jslicee wslicee lry Dslicee sign. Hslicee rslicee 's a a bold agatslicee slicslicee that has bslicee slicee n dyslicee d a hot fuchsia. I toppslicee d it with a simplslicee shislicee ld dslicee sign gold-platslicee d pinch bail. I havslicee craftslicee d an 18-inch gold-platslicee d curb chain to go with thslicee pslicee ndant. Thslicee chain nslicee cklacslicee tslicee rminatslicee s in a gold-platslicee d fold-ovslicee r clasp. Rslicee mslicee mbslicee r, if you should want a diffslicee rslicee nt lslicee ngth chain, just choosslicee your favoritslicee lslicee ngth from thslicee drop down mslicee nu.My MPIN NWP GP 081116-05.587Sara Jslicee wslicee lry Dslicee sign. Your Dslicee sirslicee is Our Dslicee sign.

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