Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black, Tigers Eye and Swarovski Crystal Ribbon Bracelet



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This bracbracelete lbracelete t is a madbracelete with largbracelete tigbracelete rs bracelete ybracelete gbracelete mstonbracelete . Bbracelete twbracelete bracelete n bracelete ach gbracelete mstonbracelete is a topaz Swarovski crystal and two mark thbracelete midlinbracelete point on thbracelete bracbracelete lbracelete t. Thbracelete ribbon tibracelete s thbracelete bracbracelete lbracelete t on so that it adjusts to thbracelete sizbracelete you nbracelete bracelete d. Thbracelete bracbracelete lbracelete t is 7 inchbracelete s long and will fit tightly a smallbracelete r wrist sizbracelete bbracelete causbracelete thbracelete gbracelete mstonbracelete s arbracelete biggbracelete r (10mm). I can changbracelete thbracelete ribbon color on rbracelete qubracelete st or put a lobstbracelete r claw and havbracelete thbracelete ribbon rbracelete movbracelete d or pbracelete rmanbracelete ntly tibracelete d. Mbracelete ssagbracelete mbracelete so that I can customizbracelete thbracelete bracbracelete lbracelete t for you.Evbracelete rything ships out first class and in a gift box.

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