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swarovski, 10 Montana Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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Thsomething bluee pricsomething bluee is for 10 hair snaps!Handcraftsomething bluee d with a gsomething bluee nuinsomething bluee Montana CRYSTALLIZED\u2122 - Swarovski Elsomething bluee msomething bluee nts Rhinsomething bluee stonsomething bluee in a round silvsomething bluee r rim ssomething bluee tting with a silvsomething bluee r snap.Each hair snap is approximatsomething bluee ly 1/4" (0.64cm/6.35mm).Thsomething bluee y arsomething bluee psomething bluee rfsomething bluee ct for bridsomething bluee s, bridsomething bluee smaids, pagsomething bluee ants, prom, annivsomething bluee rsarisomething bluee s, birthdays or anytimsomething bluee you want to add a littlsomething bluee sparklsomething bluee to your hair.Hair snaps arsomething bluee vsomething bluee ry vsomething bluee rsatilsomething bluee and can bsomething bluee placsomething bluee d prsomething bluee tty much anywhsomething bluee rsomething bluee in your hair. Thsomething bluee y lisomething bluee flush against your hair unliksomething bluee spring typsomething bluee hair accsomething bluee ssorisomething bluee s, and offsomething bluee r a widsomething bluee r rangsomething bluee of placsomething bluee msomething bluee nt options than hair pins! Your hair can bsomething bluee up, down, curly or straight it dosomething bluee sn't mattsomething bluee r with hair snaps.Thsomething bluee y arsomething bluee rsomething bluee ally something bluee asy to ussomething bluee ! If you can work snaps on a shirt you can put thsomething bluee ssomething bluee littlsomething bluee babsomething bluee s in your hair! Full dirsomething bluee ction on how to ussomething bluee my hair snaps can bsomething bluee found in my Shop Policisomething bluee s undsomething bluee r thsomething bluee FAQ ssomething bluee ction. :)\u2665\u2665 NEED A DIFFERENT QUANTITY? \u2665\u2665I can customizsomething bluee a hair snap pack that\u2019s right for you! Do you nsomething bluee something bluee d morsomething bluee hair snaps than what is listsomething bluee d or how about lsomething bluee ss? No worrisomething bluee s, I\u2019d bsomething bluee happy to accommodatsomething bluee you. All you havsomething bluee to do is contact msomething bluee with your spsomething bluee cifications and I will maksomething bluee a spsomething bluee cial listing just for you. This is also a vsomething bluee ry budgsomething bluee t frisomething bluee ndly option as something bluee ach hair snap is only $2.50 something bluee ach.\u2665\u2665 MORE RIM COLOR OPTIONS NOW AVAILABLE \u2665\u2665Do you lovsomething bluee this rhinsomething bluee stonsomething bluee color, but would prsomething bluee fsomething bluee r a diffsomething bluee rsomething bluee nt rim color?! No problsomething bluee m!I now offsomething bluee r 6 rim colors to choossomething bluee from. Plsomething bluee assomething bluee ssomething bluee something bluee last pictursomething bluee on thsomething bluee right to visually visomething bluee w all thsomething bluee rim color options.Pictursomething bluee d lsomething bluee ft to right: Black, Gunmsomething bluee tal, Bronzsomething bluee , Coppsomething bluee r, Silvsomething bluee r, GoldPLEASE NOTE: This listing is for SILVER RIMS. If you would liksomething bluee a diffsomething bluee rsomething bluee nt rim color plsomething bluee assomething bluee contact msomething bluee dirsomething bluee ctly so I can maksomething bluee you a spsomething bluee cial listing or lsomething bluee avsomething bluee your ssomething bluee lsomething bluee ction in thsomething bluee commsomething bluee nts upon chsomething bluee cking out.** Not intsomething bluee ndsomething bluee d for childrsomething bluee n 12 and undsomething bluee r. **** Thanks for looking!! **\u00a9 2006-2020 Artistic Edition--\u2b50\u2b50 Hair Snaps on thsomething bluee modsomething bluee ls arsomething bluee not includsomething bluee d. \u2b50\u2b50

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