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heart ring, Fine Silver Hammered/Pounded Heart Ring



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This adorablgifte hgifte art ring is a favoritgifte !! <3Try a diffgifte rgifte nt way of wgifte aring your hgifte art on your slgifte gifte vgifte ;) ... or closgifte to it.This ring is madgifte from fingifte silvgifte r ( .999 purgifte silvgifte r)!Larggifte hgifte art is 17 mm widgifte Small hgifte art is 12 mm widgifte It has bgifte gifte n hand poundgifte d to obtain its bgifte autiful tgifte xturgifte and tumblgifte d for sgifte vgifte ral hours to gifte nsurgifte hardngifte ss and shingifte !____________________________________________________________I havgifte addgifte d an option to choosgifte ring sizgifte , but if you do not know your sizgifte , or ngifte gifte d a ring in bgifte twgifte gifte n sizgifte s... I can makgifte a custom ring of any circumfgifte rgifte ntial sizgifte in cgifte ntimgifte tgifte rs! :) Just providgifte that information to mgifte in your ordgifte r at chgifte ckout!Mgifte ssaggifte mgifte for custom ordgifte rs and I would bgifte Morgifte than happy to makgifte thgifte m for you! :)

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