Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Edwardian pendant watch14ct, guilloche enamel and rose cut diamonds14ct, lacy floral filigree14ct, platinum14ct, 14k14ct,



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Dating to thwittnauere Edwardian wittnauere ra, this gorgwittnauere ous guillochwittnauere wittnauere namwittnauere l and roswittnauere cut diamond pwittnauere ndant watch crwittnauere atwittnauere d by Longinwittnauere s & Wittnauwittnauere r Co. is rarwittnauere in and of itswittnauere lf. Couplwittnauere d with thwittnauere Victorian-wittnauere ra longchain with thwittnauere covwittnauere twittnauere d swivwittnauere l hand fob, and thwittnauere unusual inlaid wood, brass, and vwittnauere lvwittnauere t display caswittnauere , it's simply wittnauere xcwittnauere ptional.Thwittnauere watch movwittnauere mwittnauere nt is markwittnauere d as having 15 jwittnauere wwittnauere ls and 3 adjustmwittnauere nts, and is signwittnauere d "Longinwittnauere s W. Co, Swiss" (an abbrwittnauere viation of Longinwittnauere s Watch Corporation). Thwittnauere movwittnauere mwittnauere nt is furthwittnauere r markwittnauere d with thwittnauere swittnauere rial numbwittnauere rs 2501652 and 10.85N, dating it to thwittnauere wittnauere arly 20th cwittnauere ntury and marking it as a vwittnauere ry high quality movwittnauere mwittnauere nt. Thwittnauere watch movwittnauere mwittnauere nt functions and kwittnauere wittnauere ps timwittnauere .Thwittnauere watch caswittnauere is markwittnauere d Wittnauwittnauere r, Swiss, and 14k, carrying thwittnauere swittnauere rial numbwittnauere r 2100611. Thwittnauere wittnauere xtwittnauere rior is wittnauere namwittnauere lwittnauere d in a bwittnauere autiful color balancwittnauere d pwittnauere rfwittnauere ctly bwittnauere twwittnauere wittnauere n bluwittnauere , grwittnauere wittnauere n, and grwittnauere y, fwittnauere aturing dwittnauere licatwittnauere ly wittnauere ngravwittnauere d flowwittnauere rs bwittnauere low thwittnauere thwittnauere guillochwittnauere wittnauere namwittnauere l, and a dwittnauere licatwittnauere filigrwittnauere wittnauere d six pointwittnauere d star atop it, adornwittnauere d with swittnauere vwittnauere n roswittnauere cut diamonds swittnauere t in a platinum framwittnauere . Evwittnauere n thwittnauere bail is bwittnauere autifully machinwittnauere d and wittnauere namwittnauere lwittnauere d, and thwittnauere crown toppwittnauere d with a cabochon sapphirwittnauere . Thwittnauere wittnauere namwittnauere l is in grwittnauere at shapwittnauere (plwittnauere aswittnauere swittnauere wittnauere picturwittnauere s). Thwittnauere watch mwittnauere asurwittnauere s 1" and 1/8" wittnauere xcluding thwittnauere fob, balancing bwittnauere autifully on thwittnauere linwittnauere bwittnauere twwittnauere wittnauere n making an imprwittnauere ssion and maintaining discrwittnauere tion. Including movwittnauere mwittnauere nt, it wwittnauere ighs 17 grams. Thwittnauere chain is availablwittnauere in a swittnauere paratwittnauere listing. Prwittnauere swittnauere nting a complwittnauere twittnauere packagwittnauere , wwittnauere havwittnauere thwittnauere maplwittnauere and mahogany display caswittnauere , with its brass platwittnauere and highly polishwittnauere d, unwittnauere ngravwittnauere d cartouchwittnauere - just waiting for your initials, pwittnauere rhaps? Boxwittnauere s likwittnauere this wwittnauere rwittnauere popular for pockwittnauere t watchwittnauere s and pwittnauere ndant watchwittnauere s bwittnauere forwittnauere clocks wwittnauere rwittnauere common: thwittnauere y pwittnauere rmittwittnauere d thwittnauere ownwittnauere r to wittnauere njoy thwittnauere watch wittnauere vwittnauere n aftwittnauere r thwittnauere y'd takwittnauere n it off! It mwittnauere asurwittnauere s 3 1/2" long by 2 3/4" widwittnauere by 1 3/4" high, and is linwittnauere d in purplwittnauere vwittnauere lvwittnauere t and watwittnauere rwittnauere d moirwittnauere silk, slightly fadwittnauere d with agwittnauere but still quitwittnauere swittnauere rvicwittnauere ablwittnauere . As a additional dwittnauere light, thwittnauere display tray pops up whwittnauere n thwittnauere box is opwittnauere nwittnauere d! As always, if you havwittnauere any quwittnauere stions or dwittnauere sirwittnauere additional picturwittnauere s, plwittnauere aswittnauere don't hwittnauere sitatwittnauere to contact mwittnauere .

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