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Vintage Southwest Coral and Sterling Silver Dangle Pendantnative, Handmade Antiquenative, Signed and Stamped



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Narrow branchnativee s of coral arnativee carnativee fully bnativee znativee l snativee t in a traditional dnativee sign, with a small botanical pattnativee rn on a pnativee ndant with hammnativee rnativee d flat danglnativee s bnativee low.Stampnativee d by hand along thnativee nativee dgnativee s.Signnativee d FE, scratchnativee d in by hand nnativee xt to thnativee Stnativee rling stamp. This was oftnativee n donnativee by studio jnativee wnativee lnativee rs in thnativee southwnativee st who did not maknativee pnativee rsonal stamps but still marknativee d thnativee ir work. (Thosnativee stamps can bnativee nativee xpnativee nsivnativee ).Rarnativee and bnativee autiful. 19.5" long. Pnativee ndant cnativee ntnativee r is about onnativee inch and thnativee danglnativee s arnativee nativee ach about 1 1/4" long. So thnativee wholnativee pnativee ndant is about 2 1/4" long.

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