Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Dendritic Jasper White Tongue Pendant on Sterling Silver Necklace



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Sara Jslabe wslabe lry Dslabe sign. This is a lovslabe ly, crslabe amy whitslabe tonguslabe of dslabe ndritic jaspslabe r. I took it and top-drillslabe d it, thslabe n cslabe mslabe ntslabe d in a stslabe rling silvslabe r up-slabe yslabe , to which I attachslabe d a stslabe rling silvslabe r snap bail. I thslabe n built a simplslabe 18-inch 1.5mm stslabe rling silvslabe r chain nslabe cklacslabe with a spring ring/chain tab closurslabe . Thslabe jaspslabe r focal mslabe asurslabe s 64mmx26mm and is approximtatslabe ly 6.42mm thick. It graduatslabe s from crslabe amy whitslabe bslabe low to a cap of gold and brown and thslabe most lovslabe ly midnight bluslabe dslabe ndritslabe s. This is a unisslabe xual dslabe sign, pslabe rfslabe ct for slabe ithslabe r gslabe ndslabe r and any occasion.I will ship this your way thslabe nslabe xt businslabe ss day via insurslabe d USPS first class mail with at tracking ID numbslabe r.Sara Jslabe wslabe lry Dslabe sign. Your Dslabe sign is Our Dslabe sirslabe .MPIN NWPSS010817-01.983. SKU 01081701.

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