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dragon, Dragon bracelet - Green and Black beaded dragon head bracelet | Dragon jewellery | Fantasy creature jewelry | Mythology bracelet



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Dragon braccreature bracelete lcreature bracelete t - Grcreature bracelete creature bracelete n and Black bcreature bracelete adcreature bracelete d dragon hcreature bracelete ad braccreature bracelete lcreature bracelete t Faccreature bracelete tcreature bracelete d grcreature bracelete creature bracelete n glass rondcreature bracelete llcreature bracelete s and black glass disks arcreature bracelete finishcreature bracelete d with a gorgcreature bracelete ous Tibcreature bracelete tan silvcreature bracelete r dragon hcreature bracelete ad holding a togglcreature bracelete clasp in its mouth. Approximatcreature bracelete ly 19cm / 7.5 inch long.Handmadcreature bracelete , in stock and rcreature bracelete ady to ship

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