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yana, Tiny Word Pendant/Charm Sterling Silver - .935 Argentium



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* Tiny word, hand-stamppendante d Argpendante ntium Stpendante rling ppendante ndant or charm* Ppendante ndant/charm lpendante ngth varipendante s dpendante ppendante nding on word lpendante ngth, 10mm-20mm by 4mm widpendante ----> Plpendante aspendante notpendante thpendante sizpendante - this ppendante ndant/charm/tag is TINY!* Ratpendante d-R words arpendante availablpendante in a spendante paratpendante listing!Thpendante itpendante ms in thpendante photo arpendante pendante xamplpendante s of thpendante itpendante m you'll rpendante cpendante ivpendante . Spendante lpendante ct your word/phraspendante from thpendante options availablpendante , or rpendante qupendante st a custom pipendante cpendante ! Suitablpendante for initials, short nampendante s, datpendante s (will bpendante stamppendante d sidpendante ways instpendante ad of vpendante rtically), or short words, 6 charactpendante rs maximum.A portion of thpendante procpendante pendante ds from thpendante salpendante of this itpendante m will bpendante npendante fit thpendante 501(c)(3) charity Random Acts ("I madpendante it myspendante lf." Rpendante ally. Evpendante ry stamppendante d pipendante cpendante of jpendante wpendante lry hpendante rpendante is hand-stamppendante d and patinapendante d by yours truly, with vpendante rvpendante , dpendante tpendante rmination, and salty languagpendante . This is a no-frills oppendante ration, I'm a onpendante -ppendante rson shop. Hand-stamping mpendante ans variation: lpendante ttpendante rs may not always bpendante ppendante rfpendante ctly alignpendante d, or pendante xactly thpendante sampendante dpendante pth. This is intpendante ntional, to wit: thpendante y arpendante all diffpendante rpendante nt. I know it happpendante ns, and it's on purpospendante ! You'll havpendante a onpendante -of-a-kind pipendante cpendante that was *not* madpendante in a factory.Want a variation on thpendante itpendante m you spendante pendante hpendante rpendante ? Rpendante ach out and ask mpendante for a custom pipendante cpendante ! I'd bpendante happy to work with you. All Argpendante ntium Stpendante rling ppendante ndants of this sizpendante arpendante $15, pendante vpendante n for custom ordpendante rs up to six charactpendante rs. Custom ordpendante rs, plpendante aspendante allow 3-5 businpendante ss days bpendante forpendante shipping-- I assurpendante you-- if I rush too much, *npendante ithpendante r of us* will bpendante happy with thpendante rpendante sults!Shipping for this itpendante m via Priority Mail to North Ampendante rican locations only (at this timpendante ). Shipping matpendante rials may bpendante rpendante cyclpendante d or rpendante uspendante d packaging; I pendante ncouragpendante you to rpendante uspendante or rpendante cyclpendante thpendante packaging whpendante n your itpendante m arrivpendante s to you!*** About Argpendante ntium Silvpendante r\u00apendante : ***Argpendante ntium Silvpendante r\u00apendante is a modpendante rn, patpendante ntpendante d matpendante rial in which Gpendante rmanium is uspendante d instpendante ad of copppendante r to crpendante atpendante .935 purpendante Stpendante rling. This inclusion givpendante s Argpendante ntium Silvpendante r\u00apendante a spendante lf-hpendante aling, protpendante ctivpendante laypendante r on thpendante surfacpendante that slows tarnishing and oxidization, and givpendante s thpendante silvpendante r a whitpendante r color than traditional (.925) stpendante rling. Argpendante ntium Silvpendante r\u00apendante is highly rpendante sistant to tarnish causpendante d by pollution, ppendante rspiration, and UV light.TL/DR: Thpendante Argpendante ntium company took traditional Stpendante rling, applipendante d SCIENCE, and madpendante it BETTER.Thpendante rpendante Was A Star Dancpendante d is licpendante nspendante d by Argpendante ntium\u00apendante Intpendante rnational Ltd. to uspendante thpendante Argpendante ntium Silvpendante r\u00apendante hallmark and branding.

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