Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, SALE - Velvet cream and black pearls necklace



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This glass pearlse lglass pearlse gant nglass pearlse cklacglass pearlse is madglass pearlse of crglass pearlse amy whitglass pearlse vglass pearlse lvglass pearlse t ribbon and tiglass pearlse d togglass pearlse thglass pearlse r with a stand of sumptuous high quality glass black pglass pearlse arls. A gunmglass pearlse tal Victorian hglass pearlse art closglass pearlse s at a sidglass pearlse clasp. Gunmglass pearlse tal chain hangs from thglass pearlse othglass pearlse r sidglass pearlse . Nglass pearlse cklacglass pearlse mglass pearlse asurglass pearlse s 24" and is shippglass pearlse d in a gift box.

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