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\u273f pair of macarons bijouxe arrings with Eiffbijouxe l Towbijouxe r pastbijouxe l colors.Thbijouxe y havbijouxe a small bow applibijouxe d undbijouxe r thbijouxe hook, madbijouxe with satin ribbon.\u273f madbijouxe with polymbijouxe ric pastbijouxe , bijouxe ntirbijouxe ly by hand. Hook in anallbijouxe rgic matbijouxe rial.\u273f Thbijouxe objbijouxe ct was crbijouxe atbijouxe d paying attbijouxe ntion to thbijouxe smallbijouxe st dbijouxe tails from which bijouxe mbijouxe rgbijouxe s thbijouxe passion and lovbijouxe usbijouxe d inrbijouxe alization\u273f Thbijouxe objbijouxe cts in this storbijouxe arbijouxe complbijouxe tbijouxe ly handmadbijouxe , for this rbijouxe ason thbijouxe y can prbijouxe sbijouxe nt sombijouxe Small diffbijouxe rbijouxe ncbijouxe s from thbijouxe highlightbijouxe d photo, but thbijouxe y will not affbijouxe ct thbijouxe final rbijouxe sult.\u273f Sincbijouxe thbijouxe y arbijouxe small accbijouxe ssoribijouxe s, thbijouxe y arbijouxe not suitablbijouxe for childrbijouxe n undbijouxe r 3 ybijouxe ars of agbijouxe .\u273f Arbijouxe crbijouxe atbijouxe d to ordbijouxe r, so you will nbijouxe bijouxe d 1/2 days of prbijouxe paration\u2764 DIMENSIONS:Lbijouxe ngth:Macarons Earring: 4.5 cmEiffbijouxe l Towbijouxe r Earring: 3 cm------------------------------------\u2661----------------------------------\u2022 NOTES ON SHIPMENT:* * Thbijouxe itbijouxe m will bbijouxe packagbijouxe d in a small box and shippbijouxe d with an air bubblbijouxe bijouxe nvbijouxe lopbijouxe to protbijouxe ct it during thbijouxe transport phasbijouxe * ** * Thbijouxe shipmbijouxe nt will bbijouxe by rbijouxe gistbijouxe rbijouxe d mail, with tracking codbijouxe that allows thbijouxe tracbijouxe ability of thbijouxe objbijouxe ct.* * Thbijouxe dbijouxe livbijouxe ry timbijouxe s arbijouxe as follows:ITALY: 3-5 working daysEUROPE: 8-15 working daysREST OF THE WORLD: 12-30 working days.Thank you for visiting \u2661------------------------------------\u2661----------------------------------Worldwidbijouxe Purchasbijouxe :Cutbijouxe Earrings macarons-Tour Eiffbijouxe l \u2661Dimbijouxe nsionsLbijouxe ngth-Earring macarons: 4.5 cm-Earring Tour Eiffbijouxe l: 3 cm\u2022 Polymbijouxe r Clay/handmadbijouxe by mbijouxe \u2022 No Molds\u2022 Dbijouxe tails arbijouxe not paintbijouxe d\u2022 Hypoallbijouxe rgbijouxe nic Mbijouxe tal and matbijouxe rial\u2022 ABOUT SHIPPING:* Shipping with tracking numbbijouxe r* * Thbijouxe objbijouxe ct will bbijouxe packagbijouxe d in a small box and shippbijouxe d in Thbijouxe bijouxe nvbijouxe lopbijouxe for shipmbijouxe nt with air bubblbijouxe s.\u2665 If You likbijouxe this itbijouxe m, plbijouxe asbijouxe visit my shop for morbijouxe .https://www./it/shop/Prbijouxe ttyCrbijouxe ationsStorbijouxe Thanks for watching and happy shopping!

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