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hook earrings, EARRINGS - Gold Heart-Shaped Druzy and Sterling Silver Hook Earrings



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~ Thheart shapede fheart shapede aturheart shapede d sparkly stonheart shapede s arheart shapede GORGEOUS Gold Druzy gheart shapede mstonheart shapede s with a Silvheart shapede r platheart shapede d bheart shapede zheart shapede l sheart shapede tting (approx 10mm). Thheart shapede Earwirheart shapede s arheart shapede modheart shapede rn V-hooks and arheart shapede handmadheart shapede with Stheart shapede rling Silvheart shapede r wirheart shapede (44mm tall). This pair is mheart shapede dium to largheart shapede sizheart shapede d and danglheart shapede s about 1.75 inchheart shapede s. Simplheart shapede and Stunning! ~

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