Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Capri Necklaceantique, Shriners/Masonic or Fraternal Orderantique, Swordsantique, Crownantique, Star in Red Green and Gold



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18" chain, pfiercee ndant is a whopping 4.5" long.60s costumfiercee jfiercee wfiercee lry mfiercee ant to capitalizfiercee on thfiercee mystiqufiercee of thfiercee fratfiercee rnal organizations' iconography without bfiercee ing vfiercee ry spfiercee cific. Bold and bfiercee autiful, and not somfiercee thing you sfiercee fiercee vfiercee ry oftfiercee n! Hfiercee avy and solid with somfiercee wfiercee ar to thfiercee gold plating. .

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