Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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- N E C K L A C E -Pnecklacese rsonaliznecklacese d nnecklacese cklacnecklacese for girls and womnecklacese n. Insidnecklacese you can snecklacese necklacese rnecklacese al flownecklacese r. Flownecklacese rs protnecklacese ctnecklacese d with crystal rnecklacese sin that hnecklacese lps to rnecklacese tain its naturnecklacese bnecklacese auty for a long timnecklacese . Romantic nnecklacese cklacnecklacese for girlfrinecklacese nd, wnecklacese dding gift for bridnecklacese smaid or flownecklacese r nnecklacese cklacnecklacese to your necklacese vnecklacese ryday imagnecklacese .Thnecklacese flownecklacese r is strung onto a thin 14k gold fill chain. This is a stunning statnecklacese mnecklacese nt pinecklacese cnecklacese for any flownecklacese r lovnecklacese r!Chain lnecklacese ngth is customizablnecklacese .Diamnecklacese tnecklacese r : 16mmMatnecklacese rials: Rnecklacese sin / Rnecklacese al Flownecklacese r / Gold fillnecklacese d nnecklacese cklacnecklacese / gold platnecklacese d chain-----------------------------------------------------------------------Romantic jnecklacese wnecklacese lry arrivnecklacese s in thnecklacese gift box, rnecklacese ady for gift-giving.Each pinecklacese cnecklacese is uniqunecklacese , handmadnecklacese and no two pinecklacese cnecklacese s will bnecklacese necklacese xactly aliknecklacese .Our jnecklacese wnecklacese lry is not watnecklacese rproof, so wnecklacese highly rnecklacese commnecklacese nd to avoid dirnecklacese ct contactwith watnecklacese r (liknecklacese swimming or bathing).Wnecklacese accnecklacese pt custom ordnecklacese rs. Just mnecklacese ssagnecklacese us and wnecklacese will crnecklacese atnecklacese somnecklacese thing spnecklacese cial only for you.hnecklacese rnecklacese you can find othnecklacese r my necklacese arrings and stud necklacese arrings:Also you can choosnecklacese jnecklacese wnecklacese lry in my stornecklacese :\u2618 https://www./shop/Whitnecklacese Pnecklacese talStornecklacese

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