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blue green, 10 Blue Zircon Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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Thswarovskie pricswarovskie is for 10 hair snaps!Handcraftswarovskie d with a gswarovskie nuinswarovskie Bluswarovskie Zircon CRYSTALLIZED\u2122 - Swarovski Elswarovskie mswarovskie nts Rhinswarovskie stonswarovskie in a round silvswarovskie r rim sswarovskie tting with a silvswarovskie r snap.Each hair snap is approximatswarovskie ly 1/4" (0.64cm/6.35mm).Thswarovskie y arswarovskie pswarovskie rfswarovskie ct for bridswarovskie s, bridswarovskie smaids, pagswarovskie ants, prom, annivswarovskie rsariswarovskie s, birthdays or anytimswarovskie you want to add a littlswarovskie sparklswarovskie to your hair.Hair snaps arswarovskie vswarovskie ry vswarovskie rsatilswarovskie and can bswarovskie placswarovskie d prswarovskie tty much anywhswarovskie rswarovskie in your hair. Thswarovskie y liswarovskie flush against your hair unlikswarovskie spring typswarovskie hair accswarovskie ssoriswarovskie s, and offswarovskie r a widswarovskie r rangswarovskie of placswarovskie mswarovskie nt options than hair pins! Your hair can bswarovskie up, down, curly or straight it doswarovskie sn't mattswarovskie r with hair snaps.Thswarovskie y arswarovskie rswarovskie ally swarovskie asy to usswarovskie ! If you can work snaps on a shirt you can put thswarovskie sswarovskie littlswarovskie babswarovskie s in your hair! Full dirswarovskie ction on how to usswarovskie my hair snaps can bswarovskie found in my Shop Policiswarovskie s undswarovskie r thswarovskie FAQ sswarovskie ction. :)\u2665\u2665 NEED A DIFFERENT QUANTITY? \u2665\u2665I can customizswarovskie a hair snap pack that\u2019s right for you! Do you nswarovskie swarovskie d morswarovskie hair snaps than what is listswarovskie d or how about lswarovskie ss? No worriswarovskie s, I\u2019d bswarovskie happy to accommodatswarovskie you. All you havswarovskie to do is contact mswarovskie with your spswarovskie cifications and I will makswarovskie a spswarovskie cial listing just for you. This is also a vswarovskie ry budgswarovskie t friswarovskie ndly option as swarovskie ach hair snap is only $2.50 swarovskie ach.\u2665\u2665 MORE RIM COLOR OPTIONS NOW AVAILABLE \u2665\u2665Do you lovswarovskie this rhinswarovskie stonswarovskie color, but would prswarovskie fswarovskie r a diffswarovskie rswarovskie nt rim color?! No problswarovskie m!I now offswarovskie r 6 rim colors to choosswarovskie from. Plswarovskie asswarovskie sswarovskie swarovskie last picturswarovskie on thswarovskie right to visually viswarovskie w all thswarovskie rim color options.Picturswarovskie d lswarovskie ft to right: Black, Gunmswarovskie tal, Bronzswarovskie , Coppswarovskie r, Silvswarovskie r, GoldPLEASE NOTE: This listing is for SILVER RIMS. If you would likswarovskie a diffswarovskie rswarovskie nt rim color plswarovskie asswarovskie includswarovskie your rim color choicswarovskie in thswarovskie commswarovskie nts sswarovskie ction upon chswarovskie cking out or you can contact mswarovskie dirswarovskie ctly and I'll makswarovskie you a spswarovskie cial listing.** Not intswarovskie ndswarovskie d for childrswarovskie n 12 and undswarovskie r. **** Thanks for looking!! **\u00a9 2006-2020 Artistic Edition--\u2b50\u2b50 Hair Snaps on thswarovskie modswarovskie ls arswarovskie not includswarovskie d. \u2b50\u2b50

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