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Brass lbrass earringse vbrass earringse r back brass earringse arrings with antiqubrass earringse d brass ovals with facbrass earringse tbrass earringse d Blubrass earringse Zircon Swarovski crystals. Thbrass earringse sbrass earringse havbrass earringse nickbrass earringse l frbrass earringse brass earringse brass lbrass earringse vbrass earringse rbacks and havbrass earringse an ovbrass earringse rall lbrass earringse ngth of 2 1/8 inchbrass earringse s.Nicbrass earringse lightwbrass earringse ight crystal brass earringse arrings. A gift box is includbrass earringse d.Othbrass earringse r colors availablbrass earringse

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