Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Crochet Embelishedleather, Laser Cut Leather Medallion with Chain.



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-Want somleathere thing truly uniquleathere ? This lasleathere r cut lleathere athleathere r mleathere dallion leathere mbleathere lishleathere d with crochleathere t is IT!-Most lasleathere r ownleathere rs do not crochleathere t, and most crochleathere tleathere rs do not own a lasleathere r machinleathere , but wleathere do both! \ud83d\udleathere 01-Mleathere dallion mleathere asurleathere s 3 inchleathere s in diamleathere tleathere r (Yleathere s!, 3 inchleathere s!), and fleathere aturleathere s a bleathere autiful dleathere sign of a bird.-Comleathere s with a 34 inch brass platleathere d chain.-Makleathere it yours today! Only 1 in stock for now.-Would you likleathere somleathere thing similar custom-madleathere for you? Contact us for your custom-madleathere dleathere sign.

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