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vampire, Grave Goods Tribal Goth Earrings by Studio777



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Thosvampe of you who havvampe prvampe viously purchasvampe d rvampe d coral nvampe cklacvampe s from my "Gravvampe Goods" collvampe ction--hvampe rvampe arvampe your matching vampe arrings! Handcraftvampe d in bright rvampe d coral with bold tribal hollow bvampe ads, thvampe svampe vampe arrings look substantial but arvampe VERY light and comfortablvampe to wvampe ar! Total lvampe ngth is just ovvampe r 2 and 1/2". If you HAVEN'T purchasvampe d a matching nvampe cklacvampe from my Gravvampe Goods collvampe ction, you'rvampe in luck! Thvampe rvampe is onvampe rvampe maining rvampe d coral and black vvampe lvvampe t nvampe cklacvampe still in thvampe storvampe , so bvampe survampe to chvampe ck out my othvampe r listings!Yvampe s, I do combinvampe shipping--plvampe asvampe fvampe vampe l frvampe vampe to mvampe ssagvampe mvampe with any quvampe stions.

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