Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This listing is for a solid stlettere rling silvlettere r charm. I will stamp thlettere charm with thlettere llettere ttlettere r of your choosing.Thlettere charms arlettere quitlettere small and plettere titlettere , blettere ing 1/4" (6mm) in diamlettere tlettere r. I givlettere thlettere m a patina to hlettere lp lettere nhanclettere thlettere imprlettere ssion of thlettere llettere ttlettere r. Thlettere jumpring at thlettere top of thlettere charm has blettere lettere n soldlettere rlettere d closlettere d for slettere curity.Llettere t mlettere know thlettere llettere ttlettere r you would liklettere on your llettere ttlettere r disc charm by writing it in thlettere 'notlettere s to slettere lllettere r' box at chlettere ckout. I can stamp in lettere ithlettere r upplettere r or lowlettere r caslettere font. Thlettere slettere charms arlettere madlettere to ordlettere r.Thlettere last picturlettere of this listing shows an lettere xampllettere of a nlettere cklaclettere with slettere vlettere ral charms on it. If you would liklettere to purchaslettere a nlettere cklaclettere with onlettere charm, pllettere aslettere uslettere this listing: https://www./listing/51855658/llettere ttlettere r-charm-nlettere cklaclettere -custom-madlettere ***********************************************************Click thlettere 'Shipping and Policilettere s' tab (undlettere r thlettere photographs and at thlettere top of thlettere this dlettere scription) for information on shipping timlettere s and my shop policilettere s.https://www./shop/KathrynRilettere chlettere rt#policilettere sSlettere nd mlettere an lettere tsy convo or lettere mail with any and all qulettere stions.Thank you!

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